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Spyware Removal-Do it yourself

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What is Spyware?
Spyware is a broad term for unwanted software that infects your computer.  While Spyware is capable of pretty much anything, most Spyware programs will do one or more of the following:

  1. Unleash incessant pop-up advertising whenever you connect to the Internet
  2. Track what you do on your computer and the Internet and then send the results to advertising companies or individuals who are keeping tabs on you
  3. Replace your home page (the first page that loads when you connect to the Internet) with another page—usually a phony search engine, casino site, or porn site. 
  4. Slow down your computer by using your computer’s resources to run the Spyware in the background whenever your computer is on.

How did it get on my computer?
Spyware can get on your computer a number of ways.  The most common way is from downloading something on the Internet—usually something that is supposed to be free.  Illegal music downloading software like Kazaa and Moepheous always come nowadays bundled with four or five Spyware programs.  Many browser or email enhancement programs also come riddled with Spyware too.  Many people are tricked into downloading Spyware when they see a window like the following:

If you accidentally click yes, your computer will soon be giving you pop-up advertisements as a punishment.

Shouldn’t there be a law?
During July of last year congresswoman Mary Bono from California proposed the SPI (Safeguard against Privacy Invasions) Act.  Right now Lawmakers are working with industry and the privacy rights community to refine the bill to avoid stunting innovation or leaving loopholes.  Yet at the moment no law prevents Spyware engineers from infecting the nations computers. 

So how do I get rid of it?
Most people’s first approach to fixing Spyware problems is to get some kind of pop up blocker.  This only treats the symptoms.  You need to actually remove the Spyware from the computer to stop the pop ups. 

The easiest way to remove Spyware is to use a Spyware removal tool.  Quik Internet recommends Spybot.  You can find a link to download Spybot in our website www.hbquik.com.  Spybot is what is called “donor ware”.  The program was written and is updated by an individual who donates his time to helping the world combat Spyware.  The program is free to use and the creator asks for a small donation to help him continue to update the program.

Spybot will remove most Spyware, but some Spyware programs need to be removed manually.  Just go into the add/remove programs icon located in your control panel.  Here you will find a list of all the programs on your computer.  Following is a list of common Spyware programs you can safely remove from this list:

  • Date Manager
  • Precision Time
  • Newsdot.net 
  • Ncase
  • Save
  • Hotbar
  • Xupiter
  • Attune
  • B3d projector
  • Powersearch

If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, or you encounter problems while attempting to remove spyware yourself, you can have Quik Internet  professionally remove all Spyware from your computer for between $35 and $70.00. 

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